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This game is currently accepting critique! If there are any errors (i.e. grammar/spelling, technical bugs, narrative errors) or if there is anything you would like to see added into the game (i.e. specific dialogue options) , please let us know!

Hold Down 'Q' to Access Pause Menu In-Game


You are a hologram student who has recently been admitted into a class filled with personified chemical elements! Your hologram friend has dared you to take one of these elements out to the upcoming dance. Will you be able to develop an understanding of chemistry high enough for you to land that date? 


  • Five lessons covering various chemistry topics
  • Multiple choice questions that aim to test that knowledge
  • A secret ending rewarded to returning players (or chemistry whizzes)
  • Music
  • 2 Potential Dates
  • 7 Different Endings


  • Larger dating pool
  • Art Adjustments

Known Errors/Bugs

  • Periodic Table, Electronegativity Chart, and Pause Menu appear behind dialog options
  • Dialog options do not disappear if player exits to main menu


Christon Tan - Game Designer, Writer, Programmer, Character Artist, 2D Asset Artist, Composer

Sydney Houk - Project Manager, Programmer

Lars Robertson - Character Artist, 2D Asset Artist

Cade Schaudel - Game Designer, Writer

Morgan Sickels - Background Artist

"I Killed Another Hologram" by soleillcvant "K"

This game was made using the Fungus plug-in for Unity.


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Periodicity - Your Chemical Romance v.1.1.1.zip 75 MB
Periodicity - Your Chemical Romance v.1.0.0.zip 48 MB

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this is so good, can't wait for more routes to be added